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Every family has its own unique dynamics. At the La Fleur Law Office, I work closely with my clients in order to address their specific situation. Whether you're facing divorce or working out the specifics of a child custody arrangement, it's important to consider the future legal and financial consequences of your case. As a family law attorney, I am dedicated to providing clients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their situation. I calculate child support payments for clients, explain the division of property in divorce cases, discuss what factors are important in child custody decisions, and refer clients to counseling and professional resources for support.

Being prepared in a divorce or family law dispute is half the battle. To discuss your case and how I can help you, contact family law attorney Julie L. La Fleur at the La Fleur Law Office today.

Preparing Your Case -- Documentation and Records

Regardless of whether you're involved in a divorce, child custody dispute, or enforcement issue, it's important to provide the following kinds of documentation to the court:

  • Tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card reports
  • Retirement fund report
  • Family photos during holidays
  • Copy of educational loans for children
  • Proof of insurance coverage for children
  • Title or deeds to any real property or businesses owned

Determining What Works Best For You and Your Children

More and more, families are turning to mediation as a cost-effective alternative to litigation. Since mediation allows the parties involved to determine the terms of a divorce, child custody, spousal maintenance, or post-divorce modification settlement, it places clients in control of their own future. As your lawyer, I identify what is most important in terms of the financial and legal issues involved in order to avoid emotional confrontations that often derail negotiations.

After identifying common ground, both parties work towards a resolution that is in everyone's best interests and acceptable to all. You can determine visitation schedules, custody arrangements, even negotiate who will take over certain forms of debt in a divorce -- all without having a judge decide the issue for you.

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